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Image for The True Cost of a Free Piano

The True Cost of a Free Piano

Have you ever been tempted by a free piano ad you’ve seen online? We’ve found that free pianos tend to come with more pitfalls than benefits. Let’s take a quick look at how much a free piano might actually cost you!
Image for Legendary Bösendorfer Pianos – The World’s Oldest Premium Piano Maker

Legendary Bösendorfer Pianos - The World's Oldest Premium Piano Maker

Bösendorfer has become synonymous with perfection and quality since its founding in 1828. Today, Bösendorfer is regarded as one of the top piano manufacturers in the world
Image for Today’s Yamaha

Today's Yamaha

Today’s Yamaha pianos represent the pinnacle of their vision, crafting instruments superior in tone, structure, seasoning, and longevity.
Image for Top 4 Piano Myths

Top 4 Piano Myths

Throughout our years working with piano customers, we’ve heard a lot of misconceptions and myths. Read on for the top 4 myths we’ve heard about buying a piano.
Image for Piano Maintenance & Care Tips

Piano Maintenance & Care Tips

Once you’ve welcomed a beautiful new piano into your home, you’ll want to ensure it stays in excellent condition. Read on for our maintenance tips.
Image for 5 Benefits of Learning the Piano

5 Benefits of Learning the Piano

If you or your children are interested in learning how to play the piano, then you probably already love music. You envision the joy and magic that happens when you start to make your own beautiful music!
Image for Debut of New Model of CFX Yamaha Concert Grand Piano

Debut of New Model of CFX Yamaha Concert Grand Piano

How do you improve on excellence? Yamaha’s newly designed 2022 CFX Concert Grand is a glowing example of how it’s done. Starting with the highly acclaimed 2010 CFX ...