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Top 4 Piano Myths

Here at PianoWerkes, we’ve been in the industry for a long time. Whether you chat with one of our owners, salespeople, or technicians, you’ll be speaking to someone who likely has years of experience with the piano. Throughout our years working with piano customers, we’ve heard a lot of misconceptions and myths. Buying a piano is a uniquely personal experience so we encourage our customers to stay open-minded and find the best piano for them, regardless of what they may have heard. Read on for the top 4 myths we’ve heard about buying a piano.

Myth #1: The Internet and online forums are the best tools for learning about buying a piano

We love the Internet as much as anyone! There are a lot of fantastic options out there for learning more about pianos and how to buy one. Many of us have grown accustomed to doing some online research before making a purchase, so we understand why people want to do their homework before making a significant investment in a piano. However, we always encourage our customers to consider the Internet to be just one source of info, not the be-all and end-all.

Why? Well, piano players and technicians tend to be a passionate bunch. We all have our favorite brands and models and we love talking about them. But online, we take the most important factor out of the debate – you, the customer! The best piano for one musician isn’t necessarily the best piano for another. Finding the best piano for you and your home is an extremely personalized decision that takes many factors into consideration. From budget and available room to living situations and musical goals, there are many details that go into determining your perfect piano. Online info is a great place to start but it rarely gives you the whole picture and it definitely doesn’t give you a personalized picture.

Plus, you need to try them out! Sometimes customers come into our showroom with their heart set on a particular piano. But when they actually try playing several different pianos, they end up falling in love with a model they’ve never considered. It’s great to have ideas but it’s even more important to be open-minded in the piano purchasing process.

Myth #2: Acoustic pianos are better than digital pianos

Some pianists come into our showroom convinced that acoustic pianos are for “serious” musicians and digitals are for people who are less serious about their music. There may have been a grain of truth to this opinion years ago when digital pianos first came on the market. But today’s digital pianos are extremely advanced. Thanks to improved technology for sampling sounds, digital pianos produce excellent sound quality. Digitals can mimic the sound of the top grand pianos with a responsive, weighted touch that is similar to acoustic action. Improved speakers give you realistic, clear sound and resonance modeling simulates the resonance of an acoustic grand piano.

A digital piano may be right for your family depending on your budget, as digitals tend to be more affordable than uprights. Digitals are also fun for families since children love the different instrument sound options, built-in metronomes, and ability to connect to apps. Parents value the option to plug in headphones. Musicians looking to create electronic music love digital pianos as well thanks to their top-quality sound production and realistic instrument voice samples.

Myth #3: First-time piano players should buy the least expensive piano possible

First-time piano buyers are sometimes hesitant to spend too much money on a new piano. After all – what if they don’t like it? What if their children don’t practice? While a budget is important, the average student tends to lose interest playing a piano that has a poor tone or difficult touch. Learning how to play the piano is challenging without also having to manage an instrument that has technical issues or doesn’t have the right tone. Plus, in our experience, pianos often become part of the home for decades. One child may learn to play, then another, and then a parent! It makes sense to purchase a quality piano if it could have a place in your home for so long.

To set up your child or yourself for success, balance your budget needs while also finding a piano that will let your musical interests thrive. Consider shopping during a sale or financing event or browse used pianos. There are plenty of ways to purchase an affordable piano without sacrificing quality.

Myth #4: Older pianos are better than modern ones

Old pianos can be magical and we love restoring beautiful vintage models! However, pianos made today are incredible too, and they shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you’re looking at a high-tech piano like a Yamaha Disklavier or Avant Series or an acoustic piano steeped in tradition like a Bösendorfer, today’s pianos boast top-of-the-line craftsmanship and technology. If you’re in the market for a vintage piano, that’s great! But if you’re unsure what you’re looking for, we always encourage customers to keep an open mind and try out some new pianos, too. You never know what’s going to capture your heart!  

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