Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos are Impressive Instruments with an Equally Impressive Sound

In the world of musical instruments, the grand piano is iconic and considered the ultimate musical instrument. Quality grand pianos offer an astonishing range of tonal colors, intuitive touch and sustain just not possible on smaller uprights. Available in acousticdigital and hybrid models, there are also a variety of sizes — from baby grands to concert grands, ranging in length from five feet to over nine feet.

Need help selecting the right size grand piano for your space, or deciding where in your home it should be placed?
We can help!

Both new and used grand pianos are backed by our Five-Star Trade-Up Policy!

Grand pianos purchased at PianoWerkes are backed by our Five-Star Trade-Up Policy!

Experience the joy of playing a grand piano in your home! Call 505-338-0028 or contact us to speak with a piano expert. You can even try before you buy with an in-home piano rental! We have an amazing selection of grand pianos to choose from — visit our showroom today.

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