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Yamaha YUS5 Professional — Three Selections Available!

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Type: Upright

Size: 52"

Year: 2016 - 2023

Finish: Polished Ebony w/ Mahogany Trim

Series: YUS Professional

We rarely see a used YUS5 upright.  Yet suddenly and surprisingly – we have three.


What a great opportunity for an in-person comparison / selection of one of the finest professional uprights built today!


Yamaha’s U Series is almost ubiquitous when it comes to upright institutional pianos – it is the most popular vertical piano line in the world, found in countless schools, studios, churches, and private homes.  The U series set the bar for quality and reliability demanded by professionals.


The YUS line steps things up a notch, elevating the standard U3 series model to even loftier performance levels with European hand-wound strings, improved hammer felts, higher grade spruce in the soundboards, and extensive voicing and regulation in the factory.


The 52” YUS5 upright has the equivalent soundboard area of a mid-size grand.  The depth of tone, especially in the bass, is impressive and very satisfying, rivaling many conservatory grands.  And like most grand pianos, the YUS5 has a true sostenuto middle pedal – rarely found on vertical pianos.


All of these pianos are in excellent condition.  Each is ideal for a dedicated pianist — from motivated intermediate to advanced, who desires the experience of playing on a top-of-the-line professional, full upright piano with no compromises.


Please see subsequent listings for more details on each piano…


YUS5 #1

YUS5 #2

YUS5 #3