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Kawai RX-1 Mahogany Baby Grand


Type: Grand

Size: 5' 5"

Year: 1995

Finish: Polished Mahogany

Serial No.: 2358380

Series: RX

Like Yamaha, Kawai has always been a company that seeks evolution and improvement in piano making through research and innovation.  This pursuit led them to take the hugely successful KG line and refine it into what became the award-winning RX series in 1995.


Because of its build quality, materials, and scale design, the RX series was a favorite among music schools, teachers, and serious pianists.


At 5’ 5” in length, the RX-1 is larger than the average baby grand.  This makes it a great choice for a serious pianist, with limited space, to get as much expression and dynamic range as possible from a smaller grand.


This piano has been very well-maintained and is in great condition.  It will serve its new owner with years of trouble-free music making pleasure.


  • Excellent performance for a small grand
  • Built in Japan
  • Maintained in very good condition
  • Beautiful polished mahogany cabinet
  • Matching bench included
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime Full Trade Guarantee
  • 1 free in-home tuning after delivery