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Classic Collection

Fully Restored Vintage Pianos

PianoWerkes of Albuquerque Invites You to Share the
 Mystique, Intrigue, and Old-world Craftsmanship of
 Authentic Classic Piano Restoration.

Restored Steinway B Louis XV

New Mexico residents can now access our Classic Collection of restored vintage pianos on the Web. Our Classic Collection is the crown jewel of the historic “Brooklyn Neighborhood” restoration shop of Classic Pianos of Portland, Oregon.

The advantage to New Mexico customers is that our Albuquerque store does not have to double costs by adding our own restoration shop. Our prices can remain attractive on Heirloom-quality pianos that other dealers, with higher overhead, would sell at much higher cost.

In partnership with Classic Pianos, we can help guide you through our Web Galleries to see if a particular vintage restoration appeals to you. Our Albuquerque store has up-to-the minute information on Classic Collection inventory ― often long before pianos can be posted on the Web. We also know what pianos are in progress for restoration, and what might be available in the future.

10-Year Warranty

These special pianos are guaranteed as new with a ten-year full warranty -- in many cases, better than the original piano maker.

All piano restorations by Classic Pianos are treated with the same careful, loving attention that is deserving of a fine painting or work of art.

Restored Steinway & Sons
Restored Mason & Hamlin

What is a Restoration?

Pianos bearing the Classic Collection logo mean that extensive restoration, or complete rebuilding, has been performed on that particular instrument. These special pianos are guaranteed as new with a ten-year full warranty – in many cases, better than the original piano maker. Where possible, all replacement parts are of original manufacture’s specifications – or better.

Piano “restoration” can involve stripping and refinishing the case; replacing the action with parts by the Renner Company of Germany (or replacement parts of piano maker’s origin, if available;) restringing the entire piano, including using superior hand wound bass strings; replacing the original pin block - on grands only - to assure tuning stability; repair or replacement of the sounding board; replating and polishing the piano’s original hardware; rebronzing the cast iron plate; and replacing or restoring elaborate decals.

At Classic Pianos we have a particular affection for the best American made pianos of the Golden Years that were produced between the late 19th and early 20th century – especially Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, and Baldwin. Many believe that pianos of this era sounded better and responded more artistically compared to current models.

Our restored Classic Collection pianos are said to possess “a more beautiful, singing tone.” Others describe these pianos as “a sound with more soul.” No matter the critique, there is no argument that there’s something quite mystical about vintage collection restorations coming out of our shop – a combination of artisanship and seasoned materials that is sometimes lacking in today’s woods, case design, hand detail, and general craftsmanship.

“We cannot say enough about Classic Pianos expertise and obvious passion for their pianos.”-Dr. and Mrs. Berg, proud owners of the restored Steinway B Louis XV on this page