Mason & Hamlin

“The Stradivarius of Pianos”

PianoWerkes of Albuquerque is New Mexico’s Premier Representative for Mason & Hamlin

The name Mason & Hamlin (established 1854 in Boston) is known among pianists, musicians, teachers, composers, conductors, and piano aficionados as “a pianist’s piano” — as being ranked “supreme among pianos.”

We invite you to visit our small, but intimate, PianoWerkes showroom to experience the tonal warmth and touch precision of this revered American name in piano making.

Different from America’s other two premier piano builders, Steinway & Sons and Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin has never had an official artist endorsement program. However, Mason & Hamlin has aligned itself with America’s up-and-coming concert pianists for advice ― the likes of Eric Himy (pronounced Hee-mee) whom The New York Times describes as “Flawlessly poised, elegant and brilliant.”

Eric Himy has played to critical acclaim in the United States, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Russia and Spain. Most notably, he has been heard at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Recital Hall, both in New York City; The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.; Salle Gaveau in Paris; on National Public Radio’s Performance Today; and featured in CD performance and interview on New Mexico Radio KUNM.

Commenting on Mason & Hamlin’s re-introduction of its nine-foot-four concert grand, which had been out of production since the 1960s, Eric Himy wrote this statement in 2005.

“What a chance and miracle that a legend of a piano has been revived! A piano greatly admired by Maurice Ravel and many others. A piano capable of following the most sensitive interpreter. A piano capable of extreme colors, shadings, and textures never imagined before, all with astonishing clarity. A piano with a remarkable golden tone of a human voice and with the incredible immense power of an entire orchestra. How is it possible? I have traveled and played pianos all over the world and I believe that the Mason & Hamlin CC-94 is a piano that has it all : History, Craftsmanship, Presence and Soul. This is a piano for the 21st Century and for the ages. This is quite simply...a work of Art.”

But the “powerhouse” standard bearer in Mason & Hamlin’s family of pianos...since the company’s early beginnings in Boston...has been its seven-foot BB semi-concert grand.

”Mason & Hamlin’s Model BB Semi Concert grand plays with the consistency and response of the finest concert grand pianos.”-Downbeat magazine

The highly-respected design and craftsmanship of Mason & Hamlin pianos has been filmed for television documentaries in the United States and Canada by Discovery’s The Science Channel.

Mason & Hamlin Testimonials

“Mason & Hamlin is a real work of art.”Maurice Ravel
French pianist, composer
[Made his American debut in 1928 playing the CC 9í4î Mason & Hamlin]
“Mason & Hamlin is the Stradivarius of pianos”Yehudi Menuhin
Concert violinist
“The Mason & Hamlin pianos represent the most perfect example of the piano maker's art.”Harold Bauer
Concert pianist, violinist
“As the piano is supreme among musical instruments, so I think the Mason & Hamlin is supreme among pianos.”Alexander Brailowsky
Concert pianist
“I’ve never been so completely satisfied with any piano as I have been with the Mason & Hamlin.”Ossip Gabrilowitsch
Noted Russian-American pianist, conductor
“Keep in mind a well-maintained piano can be a good investment. Prestigious brands, such as Mason & Hamlin, actually can increase in value.”Stacy Downs
Knight Ridder News Service, The Oregonian