Yamaha Quality Throughout

Distinctive traits of every piano bearing Yamaha's Clavinova and Modus series trademark center around touch and tone.

True Piano Feel is an experience that must be critiqued only by the pianist — no matter the level of keyboard proficiency — to witness first hand how Clavinova reproduces the feel of playing an actual grand piano.

Thanks to the Graded Hammer Effect (GH) technology, this Yamaha action provides the characteristic weight balance between key and hammer — featuring weight gradations of the keys. Like the hammers of a grand piano, the touch is heavier in the lower end, and lighter in the upper end. Adding Yamaha's proprietary Damper Sensor to these hammer nuances (GH3), allows the pianist to use performance techniques previously possible only on a real grand piano in such as playing the same note in repetitive patterns without fully restoring the key.

The Clavinova Natural Wood (NW) keyboard takes full advantage of Yamaha's long experience in woodworking. The white keys are made of good quality natural wood cut from a single piece of fully seasoned lumber. While preventing keyboard deformation and vibration, this provides the solid and pleasant feeling of playing a grand piano.

Many models feature Synthetic Ivory key tops — the same soft and slightly porous surface as Yamaha's famous Conservatory Grand pianos, giving the keys added grip and a natural friction for improved ease in playing.

Authentic Sound is achieved with Clavinova's Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) — delivering digitally sampled string resonance, recorded from a handmade CFIIIS full concert grand. Despite all the claims made by makers of other digital pianos, none have Yamaha's worldwide track record: Clavinova is first choice as the finest digital piano ever made.

Clavinovas are used in more than 700 schools around the world. The reasons for this are first and foremost, their natural sound and touch. Created by Yamaha, a company that knows everything about pianos, they offer the best features of a grand piano together with innovative features that increase the enjoyment of playing a piano.

The Clavinova has established itself as the most successful digital piano line in the United States, and has earned the Dealer's Choice Award from Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) an unprecedented 14 times. Combining great sound with piano-like feel, the Clavinova offers advanced educational and entertainment applications in an attractive package.


  • Clavinova received 2008 "Dealerís Choice Award" from Musical Merchandise Review Magazine.
  • Clavinova Digital Pianos have been named the most successful Digital Piano Line in America over the last 14 years.
  • Clavinova has earned Musical Merchandise Review's "Dealerís Choice Awards" a staggering 13 times.

Since Yamaha introduced the very first digital piano in 1983, the Clavinova has repeatedly won honors and accolades from magazine editors, music dealers, consumers, performers, and educators. Clavinova digital pianos have been acquired by prestigious institutions for use in music education labs through the USA, including:

  • Oberlin Conservatory
  • Eastman School of Music
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Arizona
  • Portland State University

The First Choice of the Royal Conservatory of Music

United Kingdom
Clavinova is used extensively in music education throughout the UK, including the following prestigious establishments:

  • Royal Academy of Music
  • The Guildhall School of Music and Drama
  • The Royal Northern College of Music
  • Birmingham Conservatoire
  • Cheethams School of Music, Manchester

CLP-880 earned high highest marks from two major specialist music magazines, Diapason in October 1998 and Le Monde de la Musique in March 1999

CLP-170C and CVP-98 received the Good Design Award from The Ministry of International Trade and Industry

17th Annual Dealer's Choice Awards, December 2009
"Yamaha's impressive winning streak continues in this category with the venerable Clavinova taking the top prize again in '09. Players of virtually all ability levels and budgets can find something that matches their needs within the extensive line of models." -Musical Merchandise Review (MMR)

Here's a delightful video of acclaimed concert pianist Yuko Mifune as she "meets" the CLP Clavinova and begins to explore...