Charles R. Walter

Signature of Quality

Walter Piano Company is family owned and operated in Elkhart, Indiana by Charles and Barbara Walter, their son Kevin, their Daughter Rachel, and three sons-in-law (Richard, Virgil, and Stephen.)

It is the only surviving American family-owned piano dynasty left in North America.

Protective of the Walter family reputation, no piano leaves the piano works before it is given final inspection and hand-signed by a managing family member.

At its inception, only certified piano guild technicians were allowed to represent Charles R. Walter pianos.

Today the Walter family appoints select dealerships in principal markets that meet their strict requirements for regulation, preparation, showcasing, marketing, selling, moving, and servicing Charles R. Walter pianos.

Did You Know?

Walter Piano craftsmanship is guaranteed by a Twelve Year Full Warranty. This warranty is transferable to subsequent owners and covers not only parts, but also labor, the most expensive part of any piano repair.

PianoWerkes of Albuquerque is proud of its association with this premier American piano maker of outstanding console, studio, and grand pianos. Click the images below to learn more about each type or piano.